Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reaction Paper in Math - Really?

Assignment 2:

Read any paper/journal/publication about fear in mathematics, math phobia, anxiety in mathematics and post them here...  You can use any of the readings that i've posted at the right frame of this page.


Shane B. said...

Reaction from Baluca, Anne Shane A., BACA

I truly appreciate the pieces of information presented about Math anxieties and the ways which it can be overcame. After reading and skimming some of the articles, I realized again that the best way to understand Math or anything else is to have patience for it and to learn how to unstick yourself if you think you're stuck somewhere.

When I first read the contents of the articles, I felt like laughing and saying: “Oh boy, is this ever me!”. Although Math has always been one of my least favorite subjects, I did not hate it. I am just intimidated with it. I could write away all day, enumerating all the reasons in the world, but I know that it will not be an enough reason.

Perhaps because I am a writer. Writers don't think, they write; because otherwise, they'll be called thinkers not writers. I can create concepts and ideas like a sorcerer. There is no right and wrong with what they call: "flow of ideas", so long as you wrote something essential, something worthy of the time of the readers. You will not be judged with the end result, but you will be judged according to how much you understood, how much you are able to apply it to your life, how much others can benefit from that learning.. However, Mathematics is another story. For a thousand reasons, writing is a world away from Math. But paradoxically, that is what connects them in a way. I've learned before that everything is interrelated. And so I've come to learn that perhaps the world of numbers (Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, etc.)is there to put a strict difference between a right and a wrong. People are used to declaring something they know deep down are wrong. Oh yes, they argue the freedom of expression, but as what Math's principle asserts: there could only be one truth, a close answer is as good as a wrong one. Ah, the verdict of reality.

“Be persistent and don't over emphasize the fact that we all make mistakes. Remember, some of the most powerful learning stems from making a mistake." I truly appreciate this piece of advice of Debb Russell's. It's like saying, you learn as you live; and as you live, sometimes your learnings come from a mistake or a thousand mistakes. Math is all about trial and error (nah, it's not just error, error, error..hehe). If two wrongs don't make right, then try three.

This could be another start. I just hope that this time I could make this right.

Anonymous said...

Overcoming Math Anxiety by Deb Russell

Reaction by Lyle Wednesmay J. Malubay (1BSBio)

Being anxious or afraid with Mathematics is a problem of most students who had bad experiences in the subject. The fear of it usually roots from bad teaching strategies or other experiences.

I, myself, have been in this case. Elementary and Intermediate Algebra were taught during my freshman and sophomore years in high school. We had the same teacher for two years and his teaching strategy only discouraged us from loving the subject. I got very low grades during those times and it made me lose my self-esteem. I did not get to the honors' list because of Algebra. On an evaluative basis, I think I do not really have a phobia or anxiety for Mathematics in general. Just in Algebra, perhaps. This is because my grades in Geometry, Trigonometry and Statistics were high (back in high school). Maybe this is because of past experiences, the teacher, or because I was not interested in the topic.

Somehow, after reading the article, I realized that probably it was my fault. My mind was not open to the subject and I had a negative attitude towards it. I did not even took aside time for practicing or answering Algebra problems. The article inspired me to do it right again this time.

Juan Carlos Miguel said...

From: Juan Carlos Miguel Herrera, 4-BACA

The question that puzzles me the most when it comes to algebra and other math subjects is "Why in the world do we have to mix letters with numbers?" Since I began to go to school I have been clearly taught by my kinder up to my high school teacher that numbers and letters are different...but when I first encountered Algebra...all my knowledge about the dichotomy between letters and numbers went flying out the window...All of a sudden 1 was sandwiched between x and y...then my Math woes began

I think most people that flunk Math like me, are initially thrown off by their mind set...when a student has a precondotioned mindset about math like "Math is Difficult" that particular student will surely have a difficult time in Math...I myself admit that since entering the University I have had this mindset towards Math...I think what people need to do is to drop their fear of Math and learn to love Math...which frankly is not an easy thing to do especially if one is not really naturally gifted on the subject..But I think when students learn to appreciate the subject the learning process becomes way easier...

As for the common belief that one cannot be good at both English and MAth..i totally disagree with that belief...I know some people that can write one hell of an essay and at same time answer a comlicated Math for both subjects and any subject for that matter...all we need is enough exposure and practice...I honestly believe that if I only focus on MAth 11 and ditch my negative notions about the subject I think I could hurdle the subject even with a grade of three...

Marie Kristine S. Banton said...

Reaction by Marie Kistine S. Banton _2BACA_

[On: Fear of Math: Who Feels It and Why?]

"Once you get into algebra, your father will have to help you with your homework.”
“Girls don’t need to know a lot of math.”
“Math is so boring.”
“I’m just not good with numbers. If I need to know that stuff, I ask my boyfriend.”

Yes, I should say to myself, it does sound too familiar; I for one can relate to these quotes above for sure. (Except for the last line, 'cause I don't have a boyfriend yet.) Math and I just don't have a special connection. We're not that close. We're not reconciled and honestly, I'm almost hating it for the rest of my life. Perhaps that's why I everytime I have to deal with math stuffs, fear takes toll on me. Funny as it may sound, but math is just one of those things that I would really be happy to run away from. But that's impossible. Yeah right, inevitably math really is part of our lives. It's just like life's problems. We just can't run away from them. We have to solve them. It's an interesting realization though, it really is similar to life's problems because in math, it's all about solving problems! Only, it has something more to do with numbers. (Why do numbers have to exist anyway?!?).

...“Rarely do you hear of people who fear English or social studies,” Dale points out. “Math anxiety comes from the adults and the environment students are in. In an environment where math is loved and people are not afraid of it, a child will like math more and learn math better.” It has nothing to do with gender, or race, or any other superficial qualifier, Dale emphasizes. “In our society, girls and minorities have traditionally been steered away from math. But that definitely is changing.” ...

Dale is agreeable. Because my interests are not totally in math, I guess that's why I'm so bad in handling it. English has been more of my favorite subjects since elementary. I lacked giving love and attention for math. Now, I have realized such a significant phenomena from this article. Neither of my family members don't teach me math as well at home and so I lacked reinforcement. The same dilemma I have to face when I got to college. Indeed math is everywhere. No, no, you just can't run away from it. (Aaaah!). What I wish now is that may I get used to the environment of numbers (with letters?) and solving math problems without having to be anxious or afraid about it. One significant factor I suppose, is our teacher who will be helping us to get through this. May he be the master, sensei, protagonist or conqueror who will give us that best training we really ought to have and pass the entailed math challenges for us this time. And so that this line from the article would also have to fit in in my paragraph: "Dale’s isn’t the only program bringing a breath of fresh air to the too-often dreaded realm of the math class." Reading the article, thoughts rush in my mind such as "I hope our prof. would move us this time". I dislike the teacher who is boring when s/he teaches and so it affects the way I look at his/her subject. I want my prof. to teach not merely for the need that he has to teach us but for the purpose that his students have to learn to use it in our daily lives, for math is part of it. Our teacher has to care for us too and consider how we feel about math. As Constance Kamii, Ph.D., UAB calls it a “constructivist” approach. I do believe effective communication is what we also need so that the student and teacher would be mutual in undrstanding.

The article: "Fear of Math: Who Feels It and Why?" is has been helpful for me. And I'm thankful for our prof. posted it. It's relieving to know that I'm not the only one who's experiencing it. I have some people that I can relate to and what we feel is acknowledged, especially by University sholars or professors who cares about us who are, should we say, pathetic in math. We who are "bad" (or awful) in math need some enlightenment. Understanding is a key to enlightenment. A step to overcoming our fear in math is basically to understand why we fear it. Such an aticle is of great help in enlightening us about our/ my fear in math. This helps produce a spark of hope in me. That's one good thing to look at. I just hope that getting to understand and learn more about math this time, will be brighter as all the christmas lights this Christmas season could be.

Rosnifa I. Dimakuta said...

Rosnifa I. Dimakuta
BA Anthropology-II
Reaction Paper

My fears and anxiety to the subject

Honestly speaking, this had been a threatening subject for me. I have a feeling of inferiority whenever I see and hear the professor in a very skillful and intelligent level and like I could not reach that kind of level he shows. I feel nervous every time I am asked to go to the blackboard and answer a problem which is not familiar to me to solve or hard for me to analyze and which I never learn in my high school. When that happens, I will not only be feeling the nervous from my instructor but also from my classmates because I am thinking that maybe I am the only student there who is showing that kind of poor performance in the class. So, in that case I am ashame to everybody in the class.

Another thing which I consider as a fear is the time pressure. The quizzes are very easy for any gifted mathematician student. In my case, I don't think that that will be also very easy for me to solve as fast as they can to all of the questions provided in the quiz. That makes me feel sad until now because when you had given us a quiz last meeting, I failed to answer all of your questions there correctly. I made a tutorial sessions during this previous sem-break to encourage me taking the challenge again from my previous downfall with a record of poor academic performance of taking this course before when I was a freshman. I did not expect the quiz. I was shocked and surprised. Honestly, after the quiz at around seven pm, tears had been falling down to my eyes and it had been hard for me to express my feelings. I did not know why I was crying and felt a lot of nervous within myself. Until I realized that maybe this was due to my biggest mistake in college. I considered it “my biggest mistake in college” because that was the only subject which I had a failing mark. I don't want it to happen again to me. I have frustrated already my dear parents and I don't want to frustrate them again.

I learned that if others can do it, why can't I do the same. We are all human beings. We are all UP students. “Knowledge of God is my capital”. “Reason is the root of my faith”. And I should put into my mind that it is just a matter of attentive listening and participation in the class and a constant practice.

merlene elumba said...

Every time i hear the word “Math”, i always get upset. I really don't like it. When i was in elementary during other subjects i felt so lively, but when it was time for Math, i then get depressed. I guess this is my biggest problem. I REALLY FEAR MATH.

By just seeing numbers i then feel daunted. I am really a slow learner when it comes to Math or when it deals with numbers. I easily forget formulas and when there's exam, i easily get panic. I forget the things i studied every time the test paper is on my hands already. Math causes my heart to beat faster than usual and i get nervous. It is how Math affects the whole me.
When you will talk about study, i always love to study our lessons. I even got biased because i spend almost a half of my time just for the subject alone. And the other half is for the other subjects to be divided. I just don't know what's wrong with me because after studying i rey understood the things i had studied, but by next day when i get in to the class, all i could remember were those”not so' important part of the discussions. And i always hate myself whenever it happens. Imagine the time i spent , almost the whole night, for that subject then during quizzes could only answer few numbers out of many. The things i studied flew away like a bird from the cages of my skull, my math allergic brain.

I guess, out of 10 people, only 3 or 4 loves math. And i am one of those who hates it. Now, my greatest fear is to fail the subject. Well, 5.0 is a big threat to everyone.
I am still have a lot of anxiety about the subject. I just hope i could bear with it for this semester.

Anonymous said...

Reaction from Krisha Mae Brato, BACA

As far as I can remember, I was only in grade five when my fears and anxiety on numbers started. It was the times when our teacher had recitations or board work on the class and my sole reaction to this is pray to God that I will never be called. This is because I know I did not understand a thing on what she’s been teaching us. And if I’m called, I’d ask my seatmate who is good in math to write the answer to the problem/question in the paper and I would bring this paper with me in front of the class to recite or to answer the given question that is written on the chalk board.
I didn’t realize that I have been bringing these feelings when it comes to Math until I reached my third year in high school. My realization started when my math teacher told me to get an eighty five and above grade on our first grading to make it to the honor’s list. He told me this because my performance in the subject was poor, but he wanted me to make it to the list that is why he lends me two points. At that moment, I was so devastated because I thought I was doing well on his subject. After that realization, I tried harder to analyze and understand everything that he taught us, yet it seems that my brain could not handle the operations of numbers. These feelings worsen when the second grading came, and I did not make it to the honors list because I was not able to give back the points that he lent me on the first grading.
Whenever I remember these particular situations, I think that I really hate the subject for it always makes me feel down and unconfident about my self. This is because my performance in this subject always results to low grades which eventually will take me out from the honor’s list. Since this situation often happens, I came to the point where I hated myself for being so stupid when it comes to the subject matter. I just don’t understand why I was having a hard time on it.
In all these happenings which paved way to my fears and anxiety in math, I don’t want to blame anyone, but all I know is that until now when I get to be called for recitation, or when the exams come in my math class, I will surely have a hard time answering the given question when numbers are involved.
On the readings in Math11 subject this semester, I have read possible solutions on how to overcome my fears and anxiety when it comes to math subjects and one of the causes from developing such feeling towards it which I reacted on because I can relate to it. On the possible solutions on overcoming such feelings towards the subject, the ultimate solution and the one that I don’t usually do, is that one should always have continuous practice in solving Math. On this solution, I should say that I am guilty for whenever I take math subjects, I don’t want to do such thing. This is because whenever I encounter numbers with problem solving involved, I’d always seem to have a headache. And since math doesn’t interest me, I don’t such time to practice on it to be better because I know that It won’t lead me near the exact answer. Another is the solution where in when you don’t get confused on a particular lesson on the subject matter one should ask the instructor to explain it again so that you will understand it. In this solution, I’d also say that I am guilty for not doing this kind of solution. The reason for this is that I don’t want to distract the lesson from progressing just to go at it all over again. I know this reason is bull but I just can’t take it if I’ll do it since usually, all of my classmates understand everything on the first round of teaching. The consultations where you’d get to ask the teacher on your question during his/her free time is uneasy for me. Just thinking of the one-on-one teaching makes me nervous. The third solution is the group study. It is said that group study is a good way of understanding the subject better because you get to exchange opinions on your own without the aid of the instructor. On this solution, I always think that doing this is a no-no for in my experience this always results to gossiping. I also prefer to study on my own.
On the causes for developing fears and anxiety in the subject Math, there is only one cause that I can relate to. It is the reason wherein parents are not participating in their children’s learning. When I look back on my elementary days wherein parents should also aid their child’s learning’s aside from their instructor’s, I can’t remember a part wherein my parents taught and helped me on my assignments. This is because whenever I ask them to help me, they always say that they don’t have a time for it because they are busy. But I don’t blame them for doing so because I now that it was work that keep them busy not other useless doings.
Now that I am in college and is currently taking Math11 subject for the third time, I should set my self to focus more on the solutions on how to overcome my fears and anxiety in the subject and try to be positive about it. I should also forget the bad experiences that I have had with the subject to be able to love it and focus only in learning it. By doing these things, I know that I will be able to pass this subject, with an ease.

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